Recruit on Campus

UC has many opportunities to help your organization recruit on campus.

We are constantly innovating and finding new ways to partner, so if you have an idea, reach out to us using the contact form below. We’d love to work with you.

On-Campus and Virtual Interviews

The University of Cincinnati offers on-campus and virtual interviews to support employers who would like to recruit UC students for full-time jobs, co-ops, and internships. Through Handshake, employers can post a position, preview resumes, select qualified candidates, and arrange to interview students and graduates on campus or virtually.

Student focus groups

A powerful research and engagement vehicle for exploring complex issues, identifying communications obstacles and opportunities, and engaging critical stakeholders as partners in problem-solving. UC can connect you with the right participants for your focus group.

Employer-sponsored projects and challenges

Sponsor a special project or student challenge to benefit a non-profit, test a product, or solve a problem in a learn-fast environment. From making blankets for the homeless to developing socially responsible technology to benefit our world, UC students are highly skilled, creative, and collaborative.

Sponsored courses

Students use new ways of thinking to solve practical problems using skill sets outside their traditional disciplines. Working with UC faculty, students are taught a concept in class which they’ll use to solve a business or social for your organization or a non-profit.

Career fairs

Connect with skilled, informed, and engaging job candidates at UC’s multi-day on-campus career fairs. Every September and February, thousands of qualified students attend our Professional and Technical Career Fairs. UC also hosts industry or college specific career fairs throughout the year. Learn more about UC Career Fairs.

Information sessions

Information sessions are an important part of the campus recruiting process. Use them to share information about your organization’s work, culture, and hiring needs, while connecting with students and identifying interview candidates. On-campus and virtual interviews are also available.

Workshops and demos

Schedule a workshop or on-campus demonstration to provide a hands-on experience of your organization’s products or services with UC students while building brand awareness and loyalty.

Portfolio reviews

Portfolio reviews offer employers the chance to spend the day hosting recruiting events and building brand awareness with students. On-campus and virtual interviews are also available.

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