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The University of Cincinnati, in close collaboration with our employer partners, is thrilled to offer a wide range of tailored and customized training programs to upskill your workforce. We aim to fulfill your unique needs with these comprehensive offerings, which are provided at little to no cost, opening a gateway to professional growth and development for your employees. 

UC’s Summer Bootcamps, designed and run by UC’s College of Cooperative Education and Professional Studies and the School of Information Technology, create a dynamic learning environment, merging hands-on experience with core coursework. They are crafted to prepare your employees for supporting their careers, while ensuring they have the skills needed to support company initiatives. 

 No application fees are required, and the cost of these bootcamps can be covered via grants available through the university for the next year. Courses are asynchronous, offering flexibility for your employees to study at their own pace and convenience. Registrations are now open for all bootcamps, and we encourage your team to sign up at the earliest opportunity. 

Participants should complete registration two weeks prior to the start of the course. After registering, they will receive an email requesting additional information, which must be completed. Individuals without an active UC ID or email will need to fill out the Visiting Student Form. 

Registrations are now open, and we encourage you to sign up now.

Below is a sampling of our summer bootcamps:

Microsoft Excel Training and Certification Bootcamp 
Dates: 6/12/2023-7/16/2023 

Microsoft Cloud Technology: Azure Fundamentals Bootcamp 
Dates: 7/3/2023-7/30/2023 

CompTIA Security + Bootcamp 
Dates: 7/3/2023-7/30/2023 

Adobe Photoshop Certified Professional Bootcamp 
Dates: 7/3/2023-7/30/2023 

Adobe Illustrator Certified Professional Bootcamp 
Dates: 7/3/2023-7/30/2023 

The University of Cincinnati is committed to enhancing the skills and professional development of your employees. By investing in their learning, we can work together to foster a highly skilled, knowledgeable, and competent workforce.