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The University of Cincinnati’s School of IT (SoIT) will again be hosting a number of online IT bootcamps this fall that can help employees reskill or upskill in their profession. Just as the name infers, the bootcamps offer rigorous training to ensure that individuals receive all the tools necessary to master areas such as cloud data management, networking, cybersecurity, and more.

Students who attend these courses are prepped for IT exams to earn industry-recognized credentials such as CompTIA Security+, Azure Fundamentals, Certified Associate in Program Management (CapM®). Credentialing can aid individuals in obtaining employment, increase in-demand skills needed by employers and strengthen the labor market. Continuous learning helps individuals keep their skills sharp and helps them stay competitive in the labor market. It also makes job candidates more attractive to employers by taking the time to invest in the skills in their area.

Bootcamp participants can earn a voucher by meeting the minimum course requirements and earn a credential badge and/or certificate from organizations such as Microsoft, CompTIA and Adobe by passing the certification exams. Courses are led by SoIT faculty.

UC is an approved provider of tech training eligible for the Ohio TechCred. Employers who are approved for this funding will be reimbursed for their employees training. Learn more about the program at TechCred.Ohio.gov.

Here’s a quick look at the University of Cincinnati’s School of IT’s Fall 2023 bootcamps, all of which can be found on the SoIT Workforce Development page Workforce Development | University of Cincinnati.

Participants should complete registration two weeks prior to the start of the course. After registering, they will receive an email requesting additional information, which must be completed. Individuals without an active UC email will need to complete both steps 1 and 2. 

Registrations are now open, and we encourage you to sign up now.

Below is a sampling of our fall bootcamps:

Microsoft Excel Online Bootcamp (11/20/23-12/17/23)

Perhaps the most requested skill across all career clusters is the ability to create organized reports with Excel. With Excel, users are able to create spreadsheets to do dynamic calculating, tracking, compiling and displaying information and more.

Azure Fundamentals Online Bootcamp (11/20/23-12/17/23)

An entryway into your journey into cloud data management, Azure Fundamentals online bootcamp compiles 30 hours a week of online instruction about Azure services, capabilities, security, costs and support.

Azure Data Fundamentals Online Bootcamp (12/18/2023-1/14/2024)

Learn about how Azure can be used as a large-scale data analytics tool with multiple services such as storage, ingestion and visualization. Data analytics covers how different types of data are processed as well as the employment roles certain people occupy for this tool. A good tip for those not familiar with cloud data computing is to take Azure Fundamentals first, before tackling Data Fundamentals.

Azure Administrator Associate Online Bootcamp (12/11/2023-1/7/2024)

An Azure Administrator often serves as part of a larger team dedicated to implementing an organization’s cloud infrastructure. Roles for an Azure Admin include security and policy setting, networking protocols, monitoring and more. Those who have earned their prerequisite Azure Fundamentals certification and have experience with TCP/IP, network configuration, Domain Name Systems and Active Directory may find Azure Administrator Associate a great challenge to those who want to expand their career in cloud computing.

DevOps Foundation Online Bootcamp (11/20/23-12/17/23)

Learn principles and practices used to effectively create the most appropriate web experience for a business, be it for internal or external use. Find out how to measure the effectiveness of your online efforts and shape them with your changing business needs. Voucher earners can take the DevOps Foundation exam. Employment roles for those seeking this certification include developers, QA testing professional administrators and more.

CapM® (Certified Associate in Project Management) (12/11/2023-1/7/2024)

University of Cincinnati’s Certified Associate in Project Management Course meets the 23 contact hours required for certification.

This globally recognized certification provided by the Project Management Institute (PMI) covers all the fundamental knowledge, processes, terminology associated with effective project management. With the CAPM®, you’ll be on the fast track to opportunity. For aspiring project managers in IT or related fields, this credential lets employers know there is a leader on staff.

CompTIA Network+ Online Bootcamp (11/20/23-12/17/23)

Learn about IT infrastructure, configuring and managing networks. CompTIA Network+. For many, this is a step from being entry level IT professional to intermediate resource. The bootcamp readies students for the CompTIA N10-008 test that tracks into positions such network and system administrators, IT support managers and more.

CompTIA Security+ Online Bootcamp (12/18/2023-1/14/2024)

Cybersecurity personnel are perhaps the most in-demand need in the current labor job market, with many businesses and organizations seeking trained cybersecurity analysts and administrators. This bootcamp seeks to fill that need. A security+ credential from CompTIA is the gold standard for those wanting to enter the field. This certification has the advantage of not needing renewal for three years.

MS DevOps Engineer Expert Online Bootcamp (1/8/2024-2/4/2024)

A person who enters this has earned the Azure Administrator Associate certificate as a prerequisite for this course and can help develop processes, policy and infrastructure. DevOps Engineer Experts work cross-functionally with other IT professionals such as developers, site reliability engineers, and Azure administrators.

Adobe Photoshop Online Bootcamp (12/17/2023-1/14/2024)

For the experienced graphic designer with for the industry standard who wants to enhance their skills, resume and online profile, saying you are an Adobe Certified Professional goes a long way. Adobe

Photoshop is such the gold standard in photo enhancement, editing and creativity that it’s become part of our lexicon. Students will need to have access to Adobe Creative Cloud account in order to participate.

Adobe Illustrator Online Bootcamp (12/17/2023-1/14/2024)

The long-time companion of Photoshop, Illustrator is used by graphic design professionals and others for creating, clean digital line art. This course will take the experienced professional’s skills up a notch with lessons dealing with manipulating vector-based images color, opacity, and publishing artwork for their various platforms, be it print, web or mobile. The tasks are designed and based on real world assignments designers may face in the workplace. Credentialing in either of these Adobe programs gives students a leg up on the competition.

The University of Cincinnati is committed to enhancing the skills and professional development of your employees. By investing in their learning, we can work together to foster a highly skilled, knowledgeable, and competent workforce.