Student Spotlight: Brooke Pohlman

photo of UC student Brooke Pohlman

Brooke Pohlman is an Information Systems major at UC’s Carl H. Lindner College of Business, and currently works as an IT Operations and Infrastructure co-op at Phillips Edison & Company.

“This opportunity has been amazing and I have gotten so much experience in the field in just under a month,” said Pohlman. “I work directly with the Technical Support Manager and have learned many important aspects and skills related to Information Systems, as well as IT and Cybersecurity. I enjoy learning hands-on, and my manager allows me to attempt things on my own first, then teaches me which has enhanced my learning significantly.”

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Corrie Rosenbeck, Accounting and Operation Management, Kroger Merchandising Intern

Co-op Student Corrie Rosenbeck

“I’m mainly focusing on the Business Analytics side of operations, as that’s my minor. My daily tasks consist of analyzing data from Kroger and its competitors and summarizing it to answer the question that’s being asked. Currently, I’m using this data to come up with a pricing strategy for one of its new sheds opening up, so it’ll be really cool to see my plan come to life!”

Justin Wieging, Business Economics and Insurance and Risk Management, Lithko Risk Management Intern

Co-op Student Justin Wieging

“I have taken a role in tracking the effects of Covid throughout our 17 locations and numerous job sites within those locations. I also work on tracking safety reports and job site incidents to ensure training is up to date and we can keep claims down.”