Student availability

Student availability is an important part of the hiring process.  Find out which dates students are available for full-time, part-time, or  project-based work. Students from all majors are accessible and staffing options can be selected to meet the needs of your organization. 

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  • 35+ hours per week
  • 15-18 weeks (semester)
  • Required for CEAS, DAAP, and IT
  • On-site, remote, or on-campus

Full-time co-op positions run slightly longer than University semesters. With UC, co-op employers can achieve year-round staffing coverage with no gaps. In other words, one co-op ends on Friday and the next starts the following Monday.

As a rule, we suggest you post your job at the start of the semester prior to your desired staffing dates. 

While employed, students typically follow the employer’s holiday schedule, not the University’s. 

Co-op and Academic Calendar   * 2024-25 proposed dates

Co-op start dates align with UC’s academic calendar but may vary by employer.

Term Academic Term Starts Academic Term Ends Duration
Fall 2023 August 21, 2023 December 9, 2023 16 weeks
Spring 2024 January 8, 2024 April 25, 2024 16 weeks
Summer 2024 May 6, 2024 August 3, 2024 13 weeks
Fall 2024* August 26, 2024 December 14, 2024 16 weeks
Spring 2025* January 13, 2025 May 1, 2025 16 weeks
Summer 2025* May 12, 2025 August 9, 2025 13 weeks


  • 5-20 hours per week
  • 15-17 weeks (semester)
  • Related to a student’s major or exploratory
  • On-site, remote, or on-campus

This flexible staffing solution is great option for employers who would like to hire a student, but may not have 40 hours of work each week.


  • Typically 5-40 hours for a single project
  • Related to a student’s major or exploratory
  • Remote

For project or “gig” work, post your job through UC’s Parker Dewey employer site.