Employer Spotlight: Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments logo

Fidelity Investments is not just a world-class financial institution but is also an employer of choice for many current college students and upcoming graduates across the country. We recruit high potential talent from top universities, like the University of Cincinnati because we are highly invested in the growth and development of future leaders in the financial services industry.

Every year Fidelity Investments hires hundreds of early career talent from a variety of majors, including Computer Science, Business, Finance and Liberal Arts. Some may ask, “Why would a financial services institution hire students with a Liberal Arts major?” For us the answer is simple, we have found that students with liberal arts majors bring a broad range of skills to the organization which can be useful in a variety of our business units and across the enterprise as a whole. The job market is competitive and many times students don’t always end up in the field in which they originally intended to work. A liberal arts education provides students  with the education and broad knowledge base to help them perform in almost any job they aspire to after graduation. 

One of Fidelity’s premier entry point opportunities, the Customer Relationship Associate (CRA) is one where Fidelity is “major agnostic” when it comes to the type of talent we are looking to hire. We have hired University of Cincinnati liberal arts students with majors from Psychology to Sociology, English to History and Political Science to Chemistry into the this CRA role and they have excelled over the years. At Fidelity we understand that when we recruit and hire diverse talent, not only does the student receive an amazing opportunity, but Fidelity continues to grow and thrive in a very competitive financial services landscape.

Fidelity Investments is looking forward to continuing our relationship with The University of Cincinnati. One way we are doing this is with our participation at the upcoming Arts & Sciences Career Fair on Mar. 31 where we hope to connect with amazing UC talent interested in a career with Fidelity. We are committed to this partnership and sharing our financial services knowledge with students, faculty and staff and providing career opportunities to UC students that will enable them to grow and develop as industry leaders.